About the Plantworks

The Plantworks supplies custom grown upland riparian and wetland plant materials propagated from on-site collected seed and vegetation.

Our nursery grows genetically adapted plants for reforestation, habitat, diversity, restoration and natural landscapeing projects.  The seedlings and parent materials of our plants have origins in Northeast Oregon or can match your planting site.

We combine a Native Plant nursery with a full service professional staff to provide effective solutions to your restoration needs. Our success in ecosystem restoration is due in large part to our ability to integrate our clients goals with an understanding of Native Plant communities and the ecological processes which influence them. 

The Plantworks quality containerized seedlings are custom grown from on-site collections, in a controlled environment greenhouses.  Our native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses and wetland species provide plant materials for restoration of forests, wetlands, riverbanks, and dry sites.

We encourage our customers to further ensure site specificity through our service of on-site or near-site collection of restoration materials. The Plantworks is currently for sale you can contact us through our email. 

committed to native plant production and ecological restoration